“Analysis and Applied Mathematics” Еженедельный онлайн семинар 27


Time14.00-16.00 (Istanbul) = 12.00-14.00 (Ghent) = 16.00-17.00 (Almaty)


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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Metin Başarır

 Sakarya University, Türkiye

Title: On the solutions of some second-order (p,q)-difference equation


Abstract: In this talk, we give a brief literature overview and then introduce the second order difference equation, called Euler-Cauchy-like (p,q)-difference equation, and also give the oscillation of the solutions of this equation and the (p,q)-Sturm-type separation theorem and (p,q)-Kneser's theorem about oscillation of the solutions in (p,q)-calculus. Moreover, we examine the existence and uniqueness of the solutions of this difference equation with non-local boundary conditions using the Banach fixed point theorem.


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 Dimitrios Papathanasiou obtained the degree in mathematics and the Master's degree in pure mathematics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His graduate studies took place in Bowling Green State University (United States). The years following his PhD, Di-mitrios worked as a post-doctoral fellow in Universite de Mons (Belgium), Universite Blaise Pascal (France) and Saint Petersburg State University (Russia). Recently, he became a faculty member at Sabanci University